If I was on Masterchef...

  • Gordon Ramsay: Hello, what is your name?
  • Me: ----
  • Gordon Ramsay: And why are you here?
  • Me: I've come to pursue my career in cooking, I believe, actually I KNOW I am the next masterchef
  • Gordon Ramsay: Okay, and what will you be cooking for us today?
  • Me: What I have for you is a dish, that is nearly iconic. It holds a very special place in my heart, and I really believe it is a winner. Today I am going to make you, chicken, stuffed with mozzarella cheese, wrapped in parma ham, with a side of homemade mash.
  • Gordon Ramsay: ....
  • Me: ....
  • Gordon Ramsay: Get out.